The biggest myth is that maintaining a saltwater aquarium is frustrating, costly and time-consuming at best. With 25 years of experience backing us, we have developed tried and true methods of sustaining even the most difficult live reefs. Aquarium Art has a team of highly trained service members to maintain your aquarium at its best. We provide service form the Keys up through Palm Beach with programs designed to fit any budget and we are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure your peace of mind. Out of our general area or even the country? No problem, we will work with you to find and train someone locally to perform the necessary service you require.

Generally maintenance is scheduled once a month. However, this is entirely dependent on the individual aquarium and the client’s needs. This service should take no less than one hour to complete. We do no less than a 30% water change, using all natural seawater, filter and carbon changing, water analysis and trouble shooting. We even bring a selection of livestock available for you to add to your aquarium on the spot. We take every precaution to avoid disruption to your daily routine. We also stock all the necessary supplies you may need, such as food or water additives.