General Information

General Information

5 Week Cycle

  • At Aquarium Art we use only the best materials to create your piece of underwater heaven; this includes using only live reef sand, natural seawater and live rock. All of these need time to acclimate and set the foundation for the healthy eco-system we will be creating with fish and corals. People may tell you there are ways to speed up the process or that it isn’t necessary at all, but with 25 yrs of experience under our belt, we are here to tell you this is the correct way and the only way we advise doing it. We know how excited you are to finally have a beautiful aquarium; please have patience and you will be extremely satisfied with the results.


  • Typically the lights in your aquarium will be set on a timer to be on for 4 hrs/day during the 5 week cycle period. We will then increase the time to 6-8 hrs/day depending on the size of the tank as well as exposure to natural light.


  • We will review what, when and how to feed all of your livestock. Feeding is typically 1x/day but again can vary based on the livestock you have. They will also readily adapt to whatever schedule you decide on. The rule of thumb is to only feed them what they can eat in 2 minutes time. Believe me, they may look like they are still hungry but they will be just fine. Over-feeding can wreak havoc on your aquarium.