Custom Aquarium Timeline

Custom Aquarium Process


  • The first step is to give us a call and set up a one on one personalized meeting to discuss all of your ideas. From there we will provide you with a detailed written proposal. Once approved, the fun starts.

Cabinetry Decisions

  • The next step in this process pertains to the cabinetry of your new aquarium. We will contact you to approve a material sample to hand over to our cabinet designer. Thus, guaranteeing a perfect match between your existing home décor and the new aquarium.

Manufacturing & Engineering

  • This of course is the time it takes us to manufacture and assemble all the components for your new aquarium; from the cabinets, to the tank, lighting, filtration etc. We will also meet with all necessary designers and contractors to coordinate any build-out requirements.

Delivery & Install

  • As soon as all the pieces are in place we will notify you and your aquarium installation will be scheduled. Our installation team will set up your aquarium in a timely manner. Sand, live rock, natural seawater and starter fish are added during installation. Your aquarium now needs to “cycle” for 5 weeks. This explained in detail in the General Information section.

Ongoing Maintenance

  • Generally maintenance is scheduled every 4 weeks. However, this is entirely dependent on the individual aquarium and the client’s needs. This service should take no less than one hour to complete. We put down tarps to avoid any water spillage on the floor and we take every precaution to cause as little disruption to your life. If there is a better time during the day to service the aquarium please let us know. We do no less than 30% water changes, filter and carbon changing, complete water analysis and trouble shooting.


  • It is now time to sit back and enjoy the beautiful underwater panorama we have created. All you have to do is feed your fish and enjoy the show.